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We are delighted to announce the start of our evening themed events. Its been a long 5 months since the last!

As it stands these are the COVID rules that will be in place for our first weekend.

  • Online bookings so we have the contact details of your group.

  • Maximum tables of 6 people  from a max of 2 households.

  • You can book for more but we will split the tables into groups.

  • Masks worn on entry until you are seated.

  • Entirely table service and no standing unless leaving or using the loo.

  • Tables will be a reasonable distance apart.

Sliced Beef


Take a look at the events below. Then go to the Kitchen Shop and find the event and date you would like to book. There is a link to this page with the event details.


When you have found the event that you want to book for just click on that event. It will ask you for anything we need to know and it will ask for payment.

If we are currently holding your payment from a previously cancelled event and you wish to use those credits please email with details of the event you are interested in.

The payment section is very secure and sometimes rejects bookings made on older devices. If you have problems either try a different device or contact us - we will process the booking for you.

Your booking will come through to us here and you will immediately receive a confirmation email. Please check the details of your booking are correct.


We don't send tickets - don't worry about the references to shipping. Check that you get a receipt or your booking may not have been completed.

If you have guests with food allergies or special diets please either put a note in the notes section when booking - there is a box at check out.

Our venue and events all comply with the latest COVID regulations as the minimum standard. We have a one way route in and out of the venue. We have hand sanitisers on both floors and have spaced our tables appropriately. We will operate best COVID policy as in place at the time of your visit.

We operate a table service only system and do not allow guests to walk around without a mask, or to loiter near the bar or other areas.

Any queries please email hello@kitchenatquantocklakes.com

We look forward to seeing you very soon.


How about adding some wine and we will ensure its waiting for you on your table when you arrive.

Just add it to your food order. Our wine list and prices are on the Kitchen Shop.

We also offer a fully stocked bar!

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Arrive any time after 7.00pm and perhaps enjoy a quick glass of something  chilled outside as the early summer sun starts to set. Your paella will be cooking al fresco in our courtyard.

As you sit at your table we will present you with a glass of good Italian Prosecco or a soft drink if you prefer.

You will be presented with a wooden platter of Spanish olives, rustic breads, smokey meatballs with tomato sauce and sherry & garlic panfried mushrooms. The meat free option is the same dish but with artichokes instead of the meatballs.

8.00pm is Paella time and your main course will be served to your table. You have 3 options here. Our Paella is made traditionally with saffron, wine, tomatoes & garlic and has a chicken and chorizo base - believe us its amazing. You can then choose to have this topped with delicious thyme roasted chicken thighs or with seafood. Mussels, prawns & squid with chargrilled lemon. The third Paella option is a vegan choice of red pepper and braised fennel with wild garlic.

Your table will also be served with a big green salad with edible flowers and a Caesar dressing.

At around 9.15pm the pudding arrives. Warm Spanish churros with a mixed fruit plate and warm chocolate dipping sauce. Heavenly.

We close at around 11.00pm.

£26.50 per person

Book at the Kitchen Shop by clicking below.

If a change in COVID regulations prevents the event from happening we will either refund your payment of hold your booking until we are able to hold the event.






The Italians love their food, and they love catching up with friends and chatting. And we offer you both on Saturday night.

Arrive any time after 7.00pm and either enjoy a swift beverage outside or go straight to your table.

Once seated we will serve you with a glass of good Italian Prosecco and a skewer of cantaloupe melon with Prosciutto, basil & baby mozzarella. Meat free version loses the meat and we add more mozzarella. You can choose a soft drink if you prefer.

Antipasti follows - served on a board to share with warm focaccia and balsamic with olive oil. Milano salami, roasted artichokes, sunblushed tomatoes, peppery rocket, roasted Mediterranean peppers and shavings of Grana Podana.

Primi course follows for all at 8.00pm. This is traditionally a pasta dish so you pre order either Classic Lasagne, Spaghetti Frutti De Mare - prawns, mussels & squid in a marinara sauce, Vegetarian Aubergine Parmigiana or Gnocchetti Di Patate with chorizo & sage.

The Secondi Piatti is the main event. And again you pre choose from Filetto de Maiale - pork tenderloin with mushrooms & Marsala or Pollo - Chicken breast with baby spinach, prosciutto & Pinot Grigio Sauce or Salmone Piccato - Boneless fillet of salmon with chargrilled lemon, capers and a Prosecco sauce or Risotto - asparagus, fresh pea, pecorino & peashoots. Main courses served with salads & roasted new potatoes with sea salt & rosemary.

Dolce - The desert. And another choice. Tiramisu, Panna Cotta with early season local strawberries, Affogato or Limoncella posset with Cantucci.

We close at around 11.00pm.

£28.50 per person

Book at the Kitchen Shop by clicking below.

If a change in COVID regulations prevents the event from happening we will either refund your payment of hold your booking until we are able to hold the event.




It is very unlikely that you will able to go to the Mediterranean this June, so we will bring it to you!

Arrive at any time from 7.00pm and mingle in the courtyard with a glass of something cool.

On arrival at your table enjoy glass of chilled Sangria and a grilled fig with Prosciutto and creamy goats cheese.

Followed by a sharing board. Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, rocket, hummus, olives & warm Camembert with dipping crostini.

Main course is served at 8.00pm.  Either Chicken Cacciatore - chicken in a classic tomato, mushroom & red wine sauce.

Or roasted rosemary infused lamb with a caponata sauce.

Or a classic Sicilian white fish stew with lemon zest & fresh parsley.

Or braised Mediterranean short rib of beef with tomatoes, garlic, sage & oregano.

Or asparagus & pea girasole - the pasta that looks like the sun! With brown butter sauce and Grana Podana.

All main courses served with roasted new potatoes with rosemary and sea salt and a fresh fennel, courgette & orange salad.

And then a choice of Italian lemon cheesecake with blueberries & meringue kisses.

Or orange olive oil cake with fresh orange & Greek yoghurt with honey.

Or rich chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings, boozy black cherries & chocolate brownie crumb. Pudding is served at 9.15pm

And to finish a delicious Ouzo shot just to complete your taste of the sun!

We close at around 11.00pm

£27.50 per person

Book at the Kitchen Shop by clicking below.

If a change in COVID regulations prevents the event from happening we will either refund your payment of hold your booking until we are able to hold the event.




Our BBQ is almost 20 feet long and we will be serving you a flame grilled feast from the courtyard.

Arrive at any time after 7.00pm and enjoy a drink as the sun sets.

Sit at your table and enjoy a chilled peach bellini, shortly followed by warm foccacia bread with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Plus jars of feta & pea dip, spicy harissa hummus & stuffed green Macedonian peppers.

At 8.00pm you will be served wooden boards with Malcolm Pynes Award winning pork sausages, our famous Tennessee bourbon six hour glazed black brisket, lemon & thyme roasted chicken thighs & chargrilled lamb koftas. Everyone will get some of each - served with raita, salsa verde & mustard mayo.

Meat free dishes from the kitchen. Roasted red & yellow roasted peppers stuffed with herb risotto, vegan burgers with all the trimmings & baked field mushrooms with garlic & parsley gratin.

Plus bowls of heritage salad with basil & black pepper, a pea soya bean, feta, lemon & mint salad and a spinach, rocket, pomegranite & parmesan salad.

Build your own pudding at 9.15pm with our sharing board sweet selection. Teardrop meringues, Cheddar valley strawberries, raspberry coulis, Ashlee's famous chocolate brownie, sticky toffee sauce & clotted cream.

We close at around 11.00pm

£27.50 per person meat feast.

£25.50 per person meat free.

Book at the Kitchen Shop by clicking below.

If a change in COVID regulations prevents the event from happening we will either refund your payment of hold your booking until we are able to hold the event.