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Arrive any time after 7.00pm and have your supper at any time from 7.00pm till 9.00pm. Decide when you get here what time you want it. There is no need to finish eating before we start - you can nibble and play at the same time. No problem. 

You get 6 tickets for each of our 6 games. You just choose your tickets at random when you arrive. Last to arrive get whatever tickets are left - but they could be the winners! You can buy extra tickets if you wish - its £5 for another set of 6 per game. Too many 6's? Read it again and hopefully it will make sense. You also get a bingo dabber pen.


We start the Bingo at 8.00pm. And play until a player has a full line. That person shouts something excitedly  and having checked they are correct they choose a couple of bottles of good wine from our prize selection. Or instead of the wine you can take a £10 cash prize.

We then carry on until someone gets a full house - thats all 15 numbers on one of their tickets. They shout "House" or "Bingo" or anything else clean to grab our attention. Once we've checked the numbers they take one prize from the prize table. Or you can take a £25 cash prize.

And if we've got any old tat lying around the place we'll throw them in as spot prizes. Who could resist a 1983 Blondie T shirt with a coffee stain?

Its around £400 in prizes, plus over £100 in the optional cash game.

An idea of full house prizes is below.


After every game 2 games we have a 15 minute break before the next game, and we do this for 6 games.

At the end we have an optional game! You pay £5 for a single ticket. Its a straight full house. Winner takes it all. If there's a tie the pot is split.

In summary its 6 games with 2 great prizes every game. And if there's a tie both winners get the prize. We end with an optional game for another £5. Winner takes the whole pot.

And there is also a great supper. We finish at around 10.30pm, but you are welcome to stay later. 

£22.00 per person for 6 games of prize bingo and a supper.

Our evening events are not suitable for children or dogs. Minimum age for Bingo is 18.


Please read our cancellation terms and if you are happy with them book below.






A generous sharing platter of cold meat, pickles, cheese, sausage rolls, quiche, warm breads and other nice things to eat before the game or to pick at through the game. We change the food every week and we know you'll love it!



Please book as a group and not as individuals.

Deli Store


For the first winning line each game you get to choose two bottles from our wine table. These bottles are hidden in very nice classy (what else would you expect?) bottle gift boxes. So you have no idea what youve chosen. But it will be nice. Or you can take a £10 cash prize.

For a "Full House" - thats all 15 numbers on a card - you get to visit the prize table and choose one of the prizes.

Examples of the sort of thing you can wine are...

 ​Bernard the Big Bear

Moet & Chandon Champagne

 Jack Daniels & White Rum

A posh toaster

 24 bottles of Bierra Morretti

 2 Kitchen Vintage Teas

2 Kitchen Sunday carveries with wine

Tequila & Bacardi bottles with coke

4 bottles of Prosecco with 6 flutes 

a £50 Kitchen gift voucher.

You can opt to swap the prize win for a £25 cash win.

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