Before you book one of our events please read through the following notes. We want to be as fair as we can and ensure you are aware of our terms of booking.

We run regular events all of which are pre booked and pre paid.

Spaces are limited and they sell out on most occasions.

Once you have booked your places they are yours. You own them. And we guarantee those places at the event, and we guarantee the event will be exactly as we have described.

If we sell out we will turn away other people who attempt to book places. 

We know that things happen that mean you need to change your plans, but we think its unfair that your change of plan (even if its an illness or just not your fault) costs us money, so we don't refund places that you have bought if we are full and have turned people away - regardless of the reason. 

If there is time and we can resell your places we will refund 75% of your payment. We keep the balance to offset the extra admin involved in the cancellation, re advertising and rebooking.

But we will not have empty seats that we could have sold and refund payment for those empty seats.

There is no gain for us if you pay money and don't turn up. Some people think we have "won" because we have "money for nothing". This isn't true. Most of our costs will be the same even without you. And you not coming, even if you have paid, loses us income. Because we could have sold the places to people who would have spent money at the bar, but we sold the places to people who didn't turn up.

In normal circumstances we have very few people who wish to cancel, but there is sometimes aggravation when they do.

We want you to see events you like, book them, come here and have a great time. And everything we do is in an attempt to achieve that. But we also need to protect our income - especially after the last two years which have been at times tricky.

Cancelled booking right now is a large problem in our industry and we just need to reduce the impact it has on our business.

Thank You.