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Our very popular "just for fun" pub quiz. We do this roughly every 4 weeks. No prizes but the winning team gets to pick a charity that we donate £50 to in their name. 80 questions, some easy, some not. One round gets double points. Plus a choice of posh ploughmans supper at around 8.45. Finishes at 10.30 ish. Teams of 4 people or more. But all teams of more than 4 lose a few points to balance up. Open to anyone. Minimum age for all evening events is 12 years old.

We once again had a full house for our April Quiz with 50 Shades of Grey coming from behind to win on 64 points (out of 90). They donated their £50 Charity Prize to help Sands - the stillbirth & neonatal death charity. Gym & Chronics were a close second and Norfolk & Chance third. There were several complaints about how hard the questions were, with several teams scoring a big fat 0 in the "Only Fools And Horses" round. I have promised to dumb down a bit for our next quiz - date to follow.

Thanks to everyone who came!

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We are pleased to offer another of our popular Pub Quiz Nights on Friday APRIL 8th.

Its all just for fun but the winners choose a charity that we can donate £50 to - in the name of the winning team. So far we have given £250 to charity.

Arrive between 7.00pm and 7.30pm and round 1 will be waiting for you! A round you quietly and attentively complete in your own teams.

At 8.00pm we do rounds 2 & 3. And then we run through the answers. Mark your own papers (we're all adults here) and we'll collect the scores.

This will take us to 8.45pm when we serve the food and give out rounds 4, 5 & 6. These rounds are completed within your teams over supper and at 9.30pm we run through the answers and again collect the scores.

We then finish with rounds 7 & 8. Run through the scores. Announce the winners. And we finish at around 10.30pm. We remain open until 11.30pm.

Your supper is a posh Posh Pubstyle Ploughmans. Choose between Cheese - Local Cheddar, Stilton & Brie. Ham - Wiltshire ham. Or Ham & Cheddar. All with crusty bread. Coleslaw. Sweet pickled onions, cucumber, gherkin & cauliflower. Real ale pickle. Apple. Crusty bread with local butter.

£15.00 per person

please read our cancellation policy and only book if you understand it and agree it.

The Rounds - 10 questions each.

  1. Photos of Somerset

  2. Cricket

  3. Farmers Weekly

  4. 13 in a bakers dozen

  5. Put a name to the face

  6. What Was The Year?

  7. Only Fools & Horses

  8. Impossible To Know Multiple Choice

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  • Teams of 4 or more people. We balance this up with a handicap system. Teams of 4 start on zero points, teams of 5 with minus 4 points, teams of 6 with minus 6 points and so on.

  • Choose one round where we double your points.

  • You mark your own papers. Its all for fun so if you're sad enough to cheat carry on. The Question Masters' decision is final - even if wrong.

  • The venue takes no responsibility for any stress or hurt caused by overruling a valid and correct challenge.

  • We will start the quiz at 8.00pm even if you're not here.

  • The minimum age requirement for our evening events is 12 years old. Everyone is required to pre book prior to attending.