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Image by Antonio Castellano




The Plan!

So you arrive at any time after 7.00pm and we show you to your table. It will be set with red and white gingham cloth, oil, balsamic and fig bread. The air will be warm, the smell of late Spring will be in the air and you're sipping your favorite tipple. Close your eyes and you could be in Valencia!

At around 8.15 we bring your chosen Paella to your table. Each one in an individual bowl straight from our huge pan. We accompany that with a delicious salad of edamame beans, cucumber, mint, lemon zest and feta cheese.

We offer 3 paellas for you to chooses from and you need to select these when you order. Each has a traditional base of garlic, white onion, tomato and herbs and spices. We build this into an amazing dish with rice, peppers, peas, chorizo and chicken. This is finished with oven roasted crispy chicken thighs or with mussels, prawns and squid. We will also offer a meat free Paella finished with Mediterranean vegetables.

Those that have been before will assure that not only is the Paella great, there is also plenty of it! 

And to finish chocolate olive oil cake with creme frais, raspberries and candied orange.

£28.00 per person. Our evening events are not suitable for children under 12 or dogs. Please book below having read our booking conditions.


Image by Rook of Arts

If you're a lover of traditional Paella then this is a night not to miss.

We cook in the courtyard an amazing chorizo and chicken paella. And you decide if you want your meal topped with more chicken or with prawns, mussels & squid.

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