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Kitchen is a great place to work with opportunities out the front or behind the scenes. And we can also offer event based roles at our catering event sister company Food 4 You.

Staff at Kitchen

Kitchen@QuantockLakes is a separate business from the Wedding & Events venue but we work very closely with them. Our business is about breakfast, lunch and evening events. We only open in the evening for pre booked events, and this is usually a couple times a month.

Working in the Kitchen kitchen


Kitchen has a large and varied breakfast and lunch menu all of which are prepared to order in our upstairs kitchen. Each meal item has a detailed specification so that we serve a consistent product every time. We source the best ingredients such as vine tomatoes, free range eggs and field mushrooms. And our people, like our ingredients, are the best we can find.

Our kitchen needs different people with different skills. Short order cooking can be tough and stressful and needs an experienced person to run it. And assisting this role will be other staff with varying degrees of skills and experience ensuring that great food leaves the kitchen as quickly as possible but is perfect every time.

delicious food at kitchen
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Looking after our customers

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Getting the food right is vital. But just as important is our front of house team. They greet people as they arrive, take orders, deliver food, clear tables and process their bills before they leave. No experience is required to begin with because we have great people who will offer training and advice. Our people start by serving tables and as they develop they take on more roles such as operating the till and baristas.

What you can expect from us

Kitchen wants to attract and then keep the best people available. We want nice people who are committed to doing their best for the business. We get great feedback for our food. But the feedback concerning our people is equally as wonderful. So in order to attract the right people this is what you can expect.

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  • You will work in a nice, clean & safe environment.

  • You won't work split shifts.

  • We are only open a few nights a month.

  • You will be fed if your shift is over 5 hours.

  • Appropriate uniform will be provided.

  • We will guarantee you hours.

  • We will pay you monthly

  • You will get a good discount when you visit off duty.

  • Pay rates start for our younger people (under 18) at £7.50 an hour.

  • If you are between 18 & 20 you will get at least £8.50 an hour.

  • Anyone over 20 will receive at least £11.00 an hour.

  • You will also share in our tips which adds around £1.00 an hour to our salary. This is not guaranteed but our customers are very generous.

What you do next

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We have always got time to talk to people who may want to work with us. So if you fancy a chat just email us - there is a link below. Please don't facebook, whatsapp or telephone. And if you didn't see the information you were looking for just email - we will help if we can. Kitchen needs good people in every area, so if you're looking for a great place to work get in touch now!.

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