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Food 4 You has been trading in the Taunton area for almost 30 years. We provide catering services throughout the South West & beyond with VIP catering at The Royal Bath & West Show, The Devon County Show, The New Forest Show, Festibelle at Glastonbury Festival plus many other events. We also cater at around 150 weddings every year including every wedding at Quantock Lakes Wedding Venue, Nether Stowey.

In August 2020 we also began trading at Kitchen @ Quantock Lakes. This is a restaurant upstairs and a canteen style food and drink venue downstairs. We also run evening events currently one weekend a month.

Both businesses have been affect by COVID lockdowns over the last year but with the easing of restrictions we now need to build our team ready for what will hopefully be a busy summer.

We are looking for staff of all types which will be primarily attached to one of our businesses but opportunities to work will arise in them both. We offer good pay, regular hours and the opportunity to be part of a successful and progressive team


  • Front of house restaurant staff - taking orders from tables using our electronic hand held order processing units which print orders in the kitchen, taking food to tables, processing bills and taking cards and cash, clearing tables, keeping the venue clean & tidy - ensuring that every one of our customers have an amazing visit. Must be aged 16 or over.

  • Front of house wedding & event staff - setting up tables and chairs for weddings and events, serving tables with food from the kitchen, clearing tables, taking instructions from front of house supervisors - ensuring that every one of our guests is looked after perfectly. At Nether Stowey and around the Taunton area. Must be aged 16 or over.

  • Event supervisors  - working with the Managing Director, planning the equipment and staff required for events, setting up events where required, controlling staff as per the event service plan, supervising food service, talking to venue supervisors where required, talking to chefs where required, ensuring the event passes perfectly as per the event plan, making sure every customer is 100% happy with what we do. At Nether Stowey, around the Taunton area and occasionally away. Must be aged 16 or over.

  • Kitchen porters and kitchen assistants - working under the control of our chefs you will keep our kitchens clean and tidy and ensure that equipment and cutlery is cleaned, dried and packed away correctly. The KP role may not be the most glamourous but every other member of staff knows its one of the most important jobs in the business. So you will be loved and respected by us all! And Kitchen Assistants do the same but with the addition of some basic food preparation and other tasks as agreed and trained for. Must be aged 16 or over.

  • Short Order Chefs - working with our Kitchen Manager and Directors we need restaurant chefs that can deal with a busy and sometimes unpredictable business. Our restaurant menu is simple but very good, but the key to this is organisation and preparation. Food needs to go out quickly but perfectly. There is no room for movement here, we all agree a meal spec, that spec is documented and every meal every time must be as spec. We change menus on a regular basis and everyone has imput in this. In addition to the restaurant kitchen there will be opportunities to help in the events business where every year we meet royalty, TV stars and lots of celebrities. Our businesses trade every weekend which will be on a rota basis but evening shifts will be mainly at weekends. No split shifts. Must be aged 16 or over.

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  • Front of house restaurant, wedding & event staff - the only people more important than our staff are our customers. And the key to making sure both are happy is training and reward. So we are looking for people who share our aims. Work hard. Enjoy your day. Make customers happy. So we train everyone in their role, in our business and in legal stuff like food hygiene, staying safe and doing things properly. Our standard  rates of pay (below) apply to front of house staff on appointment. But if you are special we are happy to reflect that in your reward.

  • Event supervisors  - these are key roles and we will train and reward accordingly. If you are interested in a supervisory role please email us your details with a brief summary of your experience and we will contact you to arrange a chat.

  • Kitchen porters and kitchen assistants - this is the engine of our food business and we will reflect this if you are excellent. On appointment our standard rates of pay (below) will apply but if you prove to be worth more you will get more.

  • Chefs - we pay well, our hours are better than most hospitality venues and we work in nice places with nice people. We would expect a full time chef with the right experience to start on at least £25,000 a year which is £480 a week. But we are happy to talk to people that we can develop in the restaurant and event business who may get paid less. And if you think you are worth more come and talk to us. Obviously you will also get paid holiday, uniform and food whilst on shift.

  • Hours and shifts - we are flexible regarding this. We have spaces for full or part time contracted staff with agreed hours every week on a rota basis. So we guarantee how many hours you will get every week and we agree a work pattern of which days and which times. You will also get paid holiday and other benefits as included in your contract. We also have a bank of staff who pretty much work as and when. Some people work just in the summer. Some just in the winter. And some as and when we need them and as and when they can. For these staff we pay the standard rate below and holiday pay is added to your hourly pay so there is no accrued holiday such as the guaranteed hours staff receive. We call these staff our casuals. Casuals work as much or as little as they want.

  • Standard rates of starting pay - all staff get uniform depending on role and food whilst on shift. Our contracted staff with fixed hours also received holiday pay which will be detailed in your contract. Casual staff get holiday pay with their hourly pay and so no holiday time accrual. 

       Starting pay rates are 

  • Under 18 - £6.00 per hour plus 0.73p per hour holiday pay if casual working.

  • 18 - 20 - £7.50 per hour plus 0.94p per hour holiday pay if casual working.

  • Over 20 - £9.00 per hour plus £1.13 per hour holiday pay is casual working.

If you think you would like to join us but have the experience to justify a higher rate of pay just email us.


Please send a few details with work experience, what hours you are looking for and anything else of interest to Dawn. Please don't Facebook, Instagram, Phone or anything else.