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Available every Sunday lunch time. Collect between 12.00 & 3.00pm

Roast Beef

A great Sunday lunch at home but without the faff, fuss or washing up!
What could be better than our famous roast lunch fully cooked, all in foil trays and ready to eat.
You may need to warm things up a bit but the trays go straight into your oven and then use them again or recycle them.
4 food choices in either adults or childs portion.
Just book and pay here, tell us when you're coming, and take home with you!
Minimum order value £20.00.

Sunday Lunch Menu
Malcolm Pynes roasted local beef with a roasted shallot. Roasted loin of pork with pork chipolatas. Nut and lentil loaf with cranberry & orange sauce.
Yorkshire Pudding.
Roast potatoes with sea salt.
Cauliflower cheese.
Mixed season vegetables in herbed butter.
Gluten free gravy.

Please order here.


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