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the busiest weekend of the year!

Forget Christmas. Or anything else - Mothers Day is the busiest weekend of the year for most venues like ours. And we have a huge weekend ahead. Bottomless brunch between 10.30 & 1.00 pm for over 50 on Saturday. Plus 65 upstairs for breakfast. Plus almost 70 for lunch. Mothers Day Sunday we have a private breakfast for 60, plus 60 upstairs. over 150 for lunch and over 100 for afternoon Vintage Tea. And we are so grateful that you choose us for your special events - its something all of us work on because we want you to be happy and enjoy your time with us. Yes we get a few of the miserable brigade just looking for a reason to complain, but we thankfully get few. We are so privileged and lucky to have regular visits from so many nice people.

So from all of us have a great time with Mum this weekend, and if we're seeing you here we're really looking forward to it!

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