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Christmas Dinner

Kitchen Christmas 

A great night to get together with friends or the boys from work! You get a festive table in our beautifully decorated venue. You get 6 sets of tickets - one set for each round of our prize bingo. And you get a table buffet supper. Lots of festive nibbles to see you through the evening.

So if you've played our regular Posh Bingo you'll know what to expect. But this is bigger and better!

Christmas  Bingo!

Friday December 1st


Saturday December 2nd


The venue will look stunning with lights, tinsel and a beautiful festive tree. 

Christmas Bingo will be a festive version of our normal bingo night but with the added bonus of a festive table buffet and bigger, posher & more expensive prizes.

Your ticket price includes food when you arrive and there will be enough to pick at all night, plus your tickets to the 6 prize games of the night. We open the doors at 7.00pm and Bingo starts at 8.00pm sharp. If you're not here we start without you.

Each of these games gets a prize for a line of 5 numbers. You get to choose between fizz, wine & spirits. Or £20 cash.

And then each game continues to the full house where you will get the choice of several wonderful prizes or £40 in cash.

We end the night with an optional extra game. This costs you £5.00 and we play on game of full house only where the winner takes the pot. If there are joint winners the pot is split evenly.

We play 2 games and then have a break, 2 games then a break and then the last 2 prize games followed by a break. At around 10.00pm we play the final cash Bingo game for those who choose to play. The bingo ends at around 10.30pm and we are open until 11.30pm.

Just £25 per person.

Over 18s only.

Book your festive prize Bingo here!

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